USS Stargazer NCC 7991

Welcome to the home of the USS Stargazer NCC 7991


A few words from our Captain

Welcome to the USS Stargazer NCC-7991, a not-for-profit Chapter of STARFLEET International, in Region 20.

Star Trek means something different to all of us.   For some, it’s watching the shows and movies, for others it’s the cool merchandise that’s out there.   For others still it’s the chance to meet up with friends.   For a lot of us, it’s a mixture of all of the above and much, much more.

The USS Stargazer is a correspondence chapter of STARFLEET International.   What does that mean?   Well, we are one voice in a large community, but we are also a community in our own right.   So, whether you are an old hand hat in organised Star Trek fandom, or someone who has just watched their first episode, EVERYONE is welcome here.

We work on the initiative of TREK First.  

T Stands for Well, Trek.   Star Trek means something to us all, and I want members of the Stargazer to feel like they can celebrate this.

R Stands for Robust.   We do believe in protecting our members so we have a few guidelines in place.   These rules are there to protect the fun, not take away from it.

E Stands for Everyone.   Although we are based in the UK, we accept membership from anywhere in the world, with all levels of Trek knowledge.

K Stands for Kerazy.   We enjoy a laugh and a joke.   As much as we love Trek, some of the fan favourite moments are preposterous.   Cooing balls of fur?   1920s gangsters?   Fully Functional?   Yes, Star Trek knows when to have a laugh and so do we.

So, take a look around our website, and while you’re here be sure to put your head around the door of our “Welcome Deck Facebook Group.”


Captain Graeme Oliver Commanding Officer
USS Stargazer - NCC 7991