CMO T’Vah’L’Qa’YiN Log: Stardate: 2294.01.10

Stardate 2294.01.10

Two of the three core medical staff have now reported for duty in the newly refurbished Ark Royal Medical Suites.  I have been solemnly informed by One of Four that the crew refer to the Medical Facility on Board Ship as ‘Sick Bay’.  Clearly this is an early indication of the whimsical nature that I was advised by my colleagues on my home planet of Nisan.

One of Four

The Medical Scans have revealed the One of Four and Four of Four are clearly related, whilst this is not apparent in outward form they do both seem to share a fascination for technology.   Curiously, when together they spend a considerable amount of time engaging in ‘laughing’.

Four of Four

Four of Four, continues to perform admirably in her studies and maintains an extremely high level of curiosity however this is mixed with an seemingly instinctive violent tendencies.  After due consideration I will activate voice recording in the Medical Laboratory.

Missing In Action – Security Officers

I have filed a Missing In Action Report for the two Security Officers who were told to report to the Medical Facility.

One of Four and Four of Four will be interviewed at 03:00am.


Chief Medical Officer, Sub-Commander  T’Vah’L’Qa’YiN

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