First Officer – Personal Log Stardate: 201608.12


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I have just found my orders the CO left (they fell on the floor in his Quarters and found by Phil from maintainance)…. it transpires that whilst he is on his ‘secret mission’ we are required to collect our replacement shuttles.

It is unclear as to how many we actually have left, I understand the CO was using them for his nefarious purposes (classified Level 10)

According to the manual we should have….



General Overview:

Located at the dorsal bow of the ship, the Flight bay module has replaced the shuttlebay module that is in previous Classes Starships. This Flight bay contains the latest in STARFLEET shuttle and runabout designs. The Flight bay is controlled by a space/air-traffic control room, known as “Flight Ops”. This is located against the forward wall of the Flight bay, next to the exit for the turbolift. The Flight bay contains the following:

Six Type 15 Shuttle pods

Four Type 6 Shuttles

Two Type 9 Shuttles

Four Work Bees


and I do believe we also need to swing by and collect one ‘special’ new addition to our transportation.

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Andoria System

Currently, we are STILL orbiting the Andorian home world and we need to be (consults star map….. and prods a far distant point with finger……) ….Sheliak, collect the consignment and return to rendezvous with him… in time… and we have lost a whole day already.


Science Officer – T’Pris  (t’sai-pris)

First Officer – USS Stargazer NCC 7991

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