Eugene Wesley “Gene” Roddenberry (August 19, 1921 – October 24, 1991)

Today the Captain and crew of the Stargazer would like to invite all VIP, guests, visiting scientist and their families to join with us as we celebrate the life of
Gene, we are told loved to have an impromptu party and invite the crew and family members to his home. Today we invite you to our ‘home’ and invite you to bring a ‘plate’ and to share your stories of how Star Trek has shaped your life:
I have been reading the comments in  The Roddenberry Foundation #Boldlybetter
there are some amazing and uplifting stories.
To get our party started I am bringing Wholewheat maple cinnamon buns
For me Trek opened a galaxy of possibilites, and how to keep a lid on my (fabled) temper.
Amongst my favourite Trek films is The Voyage Home – mainly because of the whales… and one day I dream that we will live in a world where they will no longer be slaughtered but are free to roam their home, the oceans of Earth in peace
and perhaps just as importantly – in clean waters….
“You’re proposing that we go back in time, find humpback whales, then bring them forward in time, drop ’em off, and hope to hell they tell this probe what to go do with itself!”
“That’s the general idea.”
“Well, that’s crazy!”
“Got a better idea? Now’s the time.”
– McCoy and James T Kirk
perhaps Einstein was not so crazy after all.
…….. Just in case we need to save the whales…..
CAPT Amanda “Panda” Barrow
First Officer – USS Stargazer

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