First Officer – Personal Log Stardate: 201609.22

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Currently the Captain is absent from the Ship.  I am the Acting Captain and my Second Officer is now our Acting First Officer.

This change of title has long since confused me.  It is illogical.  However, it is STARFLEET protocol and therefore to be acknowledged and implemented.

I would that it was not so.

The Ship is running smoothly, although we are currently without a Chief of Engineering, indeed the Engineering Department appears to be like the  rillan malat-aikum.

The CMO seems to be having a bee in the hat and has condemned us to ‘walk’.  I have scheduled a meeting with her later tonight.  I am quite sure the crew ‘walk’.

Our Chief of Security is proving ak’spra and has the cunning of sehlat.  As Acting Captain I now have permission to view his personnel file.  I have qlar’hy, and indeed a hint that all is not as would seem.

Crew morale grows as we continue on our journey to find our way back to our time and era and they engage in a number of off-duty activities.  I myself have joined in with a reading group.  It would seem that there is a debate between the BFG and a book by little know authors Lucy and Stephen Hawking entitled “George and the Blue Moon”.




Science Officer – T’Pris  (t’sai-pris)

First Officer – USS Stargazer NCC 7991


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