Regional Summit April 2017

Good morning to all USS Stargazer crew members, VIP’s and visiting scientists, medics and their families.

I trust that your day is beginning well, or indeed ending well.

As some of you may be aware, the 2017 Regional Summit will be held in Edinburgh in April 2017.

Already our RC is practising his ‘worst ever’ jokes for the Horta Award – will he be able to reclaim the title this year? Our CMO has picked up the baton and is now subjecting us all to ‘Gorn … ‘ jokes (I am not too sure which is actually worse at this moment in time). Costumes are being discussed / planned. Hairstyles are being researched.

I am looking forward to renewing friendships, having a lot of fun and taking a lot of photographs for our ‘Gallery’ Page.

Please note that this is a SFI members only event.

I shall leave you all with this little teaser from the USS Alba who will be hosting 2017 Regional Summit.


Did I mention it was in April?

Acting Captain – USS Stargazer NCC 7991
Capt Amanda “Panda” Barrow


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