Incoming Message from RADM Theresa Bristow Commander Starfleet

Attention All Hands

Prepare to receive an incoming message from the Commander STARFLEET:

From:  RADM Theresa Bristow,  Commander Starfleet

To: All Members, STARFLEET International

To avoid getting in the way of preparations for New Year’s Eve celebrations tomorrow; I would like to make the following statement to STARFLEET members Worldwide.

2016 has been a tough year for many of us, we’ve lost family, friends and much loved entertainers; there has been discord within STARFLEET. However, despite the difficulties we have faced during 2016 we should not let ourselves be overcome with negativity; 2016 also brought new lives with some of our 5,000 plus membership becoming parents or grand parents, our very own Next Generation; our Worldwide membership have achieved so much this year, individually and as Chapters, striving to be better people, to help others and get a step closer to the ideal of Star Trek.

I certainly did not expect to be put into the position of Commander Starfleet this year, and I’d like to thank each and every member of the Admiralty Board and Executive Committee for their support, for the hard work they have put in, for putting up with me and for pulling together to make the transition to the new administration as smooth as possible. There is still work to be done, but I have faith that the ECAB are up to the job.

Being involved in STARFLEET at Chapter, Regional or Fleet level can be a rewarding experience and I would recommend every member think how they can be actively involved, perhaps with STARFLEET Chaplaincy, STARFLEET Medical Corps; STARFLEET Special Operations; STARFLEET Marine Corps; your pets could join the Petfleet Corps.

2017 is nearly with us and the IC for 2017 is being held in New Orleans Aug 18 – Aug 20 (, if you are able to make it I would highly recommend attending an IC; and if you are able to help out at the IC, manning the Registration Desk, showing people around, or you are looking for a room share – get in touch with the IC Chair Randolph Allen (starshipneworleans1 @gmail dot com) IC-2018 is being held in Minneapolis.

Having held the position of Commander Starfleet for one month I now have great pleasure in handing over the Chair to Robert Westfall and his team (set out below), for the next three year administration, commencing January 1 2017.

Robert Westfall – Commander Starfleet
Dan Toole – Vice Commander Starfleet

Ron Coleman – Chief of Operations
Linda Olsen – Chief Finance Officer
Glendon Diebold – Chief of Education Services
Mike Dugas – Chief of Information Services
Denine Sanders – Chief of Communications

It has been an honour, and I wish each and every one of you the very best for 2017.

Theresa Bristow
Commander Starfleet

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