The New Chief Engineer Begins His Journey

“Deck 12.”

Said Lieutenant Commander Richard Mallatratt as the Turbo-lift doors closed with their familiar hissing sound. He looked forward to his new assignment as Chief Engineer aboard the USS Stargazer, a fine ship with a dedicated crew by all accounts. Richard was no stranger to new assignments, this being his fifth ship posting since graduating from Starfleet Academy. A slight sense of trepidation was to be expected though, he told himself.

“Deck 12 – Main Engineering, Chief Engineer’s Office, Warp Reactor Core.”

Said the reassuring computer voice as the doors opened to reveal a well lit corridor. Just a short walk now to Main Engineering. It was shift change and the Department was quiet, Richard walked around, examining the consoles and greeting those he met, introducing himself with a smile and a handshake. Finally putting faces to some of those names which had been on the PADD he had been reading that morning; Amor, FitzGerald, Oliver… Capable officers to be sure!

After his tour of Engineering, Mallatratt placed his good luck charm on the desk in his office, a small model of the USS Enterprise he had made for a school science project as a boy. He sat down briefly and looked around, contemplating the beginning of this new journey. Through the open doorway he saw more officers and enlisted crew entering to begin Beta shift. He stood and straightened his tunic.

“Right! Let’s get some work done!”