The Orion Encounter – Part 1

Commander Richard Cornelius Mallatratt woke with a start, the Red Alert klaxon was certainly difficult to sleep through.  He hit the comlink on his night stand.

“Mallatratt to the Bridge! Report!”

The reply came quickly, it was Ensign Graeme Oliver.

“Sir we are under attack! Shields are holding, only minimal damage sustained to deck 4, no critical systems impaired.”

“I’m on my way!” Replied Mallatratt.

The Commander quickly dressed and hurried to the turbolift, as he jogged down the corridor he saw a damage repair team heading into a Jefferies tube, it appeared some auxiliary systems were now taking damage. The turbolift was free and it sped the XO to the Bridge, as he entered he saw several flustered Junior Officers and Crewman doing their best to make sense of the situation.  Ensign Oliver the new Second Officer sat in centre seat as Officer of the watch.  As Graeme Oliver saw the Commander approach he started to stand, to relinquish the chair.  Mallatratt dismissed this move with a wave of his hand and moved to stand beside the Command chair.

“What’s happening Graeme?”

The Second Officer’s face showed concern but his voice remained calm.

“When the Commodore got on that shuttle and said to look after the ship for a few days I had no idea we would be coming under attack! It appears to be a small Orion Fighter, a very old design, armed with Disruptors and Micro-Torpedoes, old but effective! They are ignoring our hails.”

The Commander stroked his beard in contemplation, this new five year mission at the edge of the Beta Quadrant had yielded its first mystery, The Commodore would be upset he was missing the action while he attended a diplomatic function in the Traelus System.  Mallatratt smiled before he spoke to Oliver.

“Ensign, a craft so small is difficult to target with Phasers, so let’s have them at the ready before we shunt a little extra power into the Tractor Beam and Transporter systems eh?”

Oliver smiled knowing exactly what the XO was suggesting. As both men shared considerable Engineering experience, they moved to the Engineering station and made the necessary preparations as the nimble Orion fighter craft banked to make another attack run. The green energy of it’s Disruptor cannons strafed the saucer of the Stargazer, white hot sparks spat from a ruptured EPS conduit below the main viewscreen, the Helmsman shielded his eyes.  Mallatratt moved over to the Tactical station where Lieutenant Commander Admans stood ready. Oliver waited at the Engineering Station.  As the fighter drew nearer, Mallatratt’s plan was ready.

“Ready Phasers! Tractor Beam now! Transporter lock, beam that pilot directly to Sick-Bay! Fire Phasers!”

Tactical and Engineering Officers had worked in perfect synchronicity. The Orion craft was ensnared in the shimmering blue of the Tractor Beam; the archaic one-man fighter had no shields, allowing a quick transport of the occupant before the main Phaser banks of the USS Stargazer sliced through tiny ship’s hull, like a knife through warm butter.

“Sick-Bay to Bridge!” The familiar voice on the comlink was that of the Chief Medical Officer, Julien FitzGerald.

“I am on my way Doctor, Oliver with me, Mister Admans you have the Bridge!”   The Security Officer took the Command chair with a simple nod, as Oliver and Mallatratt headed for the turbolift.

As they arrived in Sick-Bay, Doctor FitzGerald looked perplexed.

“Ah Commander you didn’t tell me I should be expecting a guest!  I would have cleaned up a little!”

“Sorry Julien, I didn’t have much time, how is your patient?” Said Mallatratt as he pointed to the unconscious form of an Orion male in a black jumpsuit, prostrate on a bio-bed. The three officers moved closer to the Orion and the Doctor reviewed his initial scans.

“In shock, but in perfect health, remarkable really, considering…”

“Considering what?” Asked Graeme Oliver.  The Doctor looked up from his tricorder.

“This man recently awoke from stasis, I would say he has been asleep for at least one hundred years!”

…To Be Continued.