About Us


The USS Stargazer is a correspondence chapter of STARFLEET International (SFI), based in Region 20.  Membership is mainly comprised of UK members but we do have several international members.

We have a very lively Crew Only Facebook page, a USS Stargazer Welcome page but we also enjoy regular updates via our website, group email.

As a crew we just do not limit ourselves to the world of Star Trek.  Our crew enjoys posting on a huge range of topics from Science, Medical advances, Engineering, Star Trek, Dr Who, Star Wars, Stargate.  We have a book and film club, we discuss uniforms, events, conventions and the Captain and his Senior Team work hard to ensure that membership of our Chapter is both fun and rewarding for our crew members.

Our crew members are also very active and where ever possible we take opportunities to meet up at sci-fi based events across the UK. Quite often these will involve other Region 20 chapters.

Chapter Archives

The then named USS Britiannia warped (at the regulation at half speed) out of dry dock on STARDATE: 2002.275 which in Terran terms is October 2002.

Over the years, she has grown and developed along with her crew, taking on various names and guises, not unlike Doctor Who with whom she became closely related in 2009.

Over the years we have had a change of Chapter name and these are recorded for posterity in our Annuals



USS Britannia, NCC-5311
ISS Saratoga, NX-20
ISS Rassilon, NX-11
USS Ark Royal, NCC7991
USS Stargazer, NCC-7991
October 2002 – November 2005
November 2005 – August 2009
August 2009 – March 2011
March 2011 – February 2014
February 2014 – Present



MCPT Marie Wilson
COL Adrian Jones
CAPT Ray Gale
CAPT Gabriel Knight
MCPT Marie Wilson
CAPT Richard Sams
CAPT Andrew Kerr
FCAPT Daniel Adams
CAPT Michael Hartley
October 2002 – December 2003
December 2003 – May 2004
May 2004 – December 2004
December 2004 – November 2005
November 2005 – January 2011
January 2011 – December 2011
December 2011 – April 2012
April 2012 – June 2015
June 2015 – May 2017


The USS Stargazer was commissioned by Starfleet Command in early 2293 and was built at the San Francisco fleet yards orbiting Earth. She is an Excelsior Class (Enterprise B Variant) Explorer.

Firstly we will be changing our setting to the TNG era. We will be keeping our name and class but will refresh our brand. What does this mean?

Our setting will now be in the Next Generation

The ship is based within the timeline of the Star Trek – The Next Generation”, and many of the ship’s company elect to wear the standard Starfleet uniform of the era.  The wearing of uniforms is always down to each crew member and they are free to choose any uniform they wish from any era.

You will find that the department colours and uniforms displayed on this site will reflect the timeframe of the Next Generation.