Awards Process

The Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is made up of the Commanding Officer, the First Officer and the Second Officer.

The Awards Process

A review of nominees for the Chapter Awards submitted by their peers will be collated at the end of each month.  It must be noted that the Commanding Officer is looking for nominees who serve their Chapter in the Spirit of TREK.

From these crew nominations potential award winners will be selected.

Submissions from USS Stargazer crew members may be either sent directly to the Commanding Officer, OR by completing the Award Nomination Form which is sent to the First Officers in box.

The Awards Process

  1. Nominations for each of the Awards category may be submitted to the First Officer throughout the year, via the Awards Nomination Form or sent directly to the CO at co @uss-stargazer dot org dot uk
  2. The Commanding Officer will announce the closing of the ballot phase on 1st December of each year.
  3. The final nomination stage will close after 21 days.
  4. Any crew member can make nominations for as many or as few awards as they wish.
  5. The nomination should include:

The submitter’s name and eMail address.

The name of the person you are nominating.

The award you are nominating them for.

Why you think they deserve that award.

  1. The First Officer will present the nominations to the Command Team within seven days of the nomination stage ending.
  2. If the recommendations are acceptable, the Awards will be announced by the Commanding Officer prior to the closing date of the Regional and International Awards programme
  3. In the event the Commanding Officer objects to a nomination, the nominating crew member will be contacted in order to gather more information.

Presentation of Awards

The presentation of awards are made once a year, in a timely fashion to ensure that all Award recipients can be fowarded to the both the Regional and to coincide with the International Conference Awards