Our ethos is based around the Vulcan I.D.I.C. principle.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Symbolising the elements that create truth and beauty.

The USS Stargazer is open to all, regardless of origin, colour, nationality or species. We are an inclusive, friendly group. We don’t care if you voted leave or remain. If you are not English you will be made as welcome as those who can prove their heritage right back to Saxon times. Anyone who is not willing to leave their prejudices and racism outside the group is not welcome.

Likewise, we expect that any prejudices against others on grounds of their sexuality, gender, religious beliefs, physical ability or anything else will also be left outside the group.

I and my senior team work very hard to ensure that this is a safe, fun, friendly group for all members and their families.

Member’s Responsibilities

To ascertain the membership rights, a member has certain responsibilities that must be met. Every member has a responsibility to adhere to a set of standards of behavior and conduct which include, but are not limited to, the following:

• To behave in a manner that brings credit to STARFLEET, their Region, their chapter, and themselves;

• To be resolute in the performance of my duty and comply with STARFLEET’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Membership Handbook, other various handbooks, Electronic Mailing List Rules, Summit/Conference rules, meeting rules, etc;

• To strive for impartiality and fairness in judgment and disqualify themselves from decisions where their judgment may be compromised;

• To show courtesy to fellow members at all times;

• To seek out both sides of a dispute and act upon fact, not innuendo;

• To renew their membership in a timely manner before it expires.

• Under NO circumstances will any member be permitted to carry a real life weapon into a STARFLEET International convention, any Region 20 Summit, or any group meeting.

Failure to uphold the Member’s Responsibilities, as outlined above could result in disciplinary action in accordance with the guidelines laid out in Section 02:13 in the Members Handbook.

In addition to the above listed Member Responsibilities, the following are an additional list of goals which a member should strive toward – these are guidelines only and are not enforceable as member responsibilities or a code of conduct:

• To praise in public and critique in private;

• To never assume, but always verify;

• To be the first to praise and the last to criticize;

• To not willfully cause negative or unproductive confrontations;

• To strive to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.




I. I will respect the rights of all members

II. I will never let personal or societal prejudices colour my interactions with other members

III. I will strive to never bring dishonor upon STARFLEET International, our Chapter or its Sub-Groups

IV. I will maintain an appearance appropriate to my duties and never bring dishonor to the Uniform

V. I will treat those who report to me with dignity VI. I will respect those to whom I report

VII. I will abide by the Official Secrets Act

VIII. I will strive to defuse confrontations, not cause them

IX. I will be the first to offer praise, and always the last to criticize

X. I will always work to be part of the solution, never the problem