Division Colours


The USS Stargazer is set in the era of 2290 as seen during the opening scenes of Star Trek: Generations.

The uniform worn by Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura was christened by fans as ‘The Monster Maroon’ literally due to the difficulties faced by die-hard fans who attempted to make the screen accurate jacket.

The clue to which department or division the wearer belonged was found in the shoulder strap, and replicated in the arm cuff.

This is a guide to the departmental colours used on the USS Stargazer.  You will see them used in certificates and around this site.

Command (White)


Engineering   (Ochre)

Ochre large Engineering

Operations Division, Helm and Engineering Branches

Science (Grey)


Operations Division, Communications and Navigation Branches; also Sciences Division, Scientific Research and Technical branches


Medical (Green)

med 1

Medical Sciences Division, Medical Branch


Security   (Windsor Green)

Windsor Green large Security



Special Services  (Sky Blue)

Sky Blue large Special Services