Promotion Criteria

All promotions are at the discretion of the Commanding Officer and are gained through time served and a merit-based system (although any other SFI member, from the regular member through to Admiralty, may make a recommendation for promotion).

Promotion on board the USS Stargazer is the visible sign of recognition given to those members of the crew who have worked for the benefit of the Chapter.

A few words are needed about promotions…

First of all, you don’t have to hold a high office in STARFLEET to be promoted to Captain or the Flag ranks. There are not that many positions to go around and there are hardworking and dedicated members at all levels within STARFLEET who are worthy of promotion. Just because you work hard only at the chapter level doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance to get promoted to the grade of O-6 or beyond.

Second, these ranks are fictitious and do not mean that one member is superior to another and must NEVER be used to belittle or demean a member. Such things as hazing, pulling rank or expecting exclusive privileges can get you into trouble quickly in STARFLEET whether you are an admiral or a crewman. These ranks are for FUN and are only used to enhance the Star Trek feel of the organisation.

Third, ranks are meant to be awarded for service and responsibility within STARFLEET, not for political or personal favours.

Lastly, authority is sometimes confused with rank. These are two different ideas. Rank is fictitious, authority is real. The authority of the Executive Committee, the Regional Coordinators and the chapter’s commanding officers is given to them in order to enable them to perform their administrative and management jobs within STARFLEET. They must be able to make policies and guidelines in order for STARFLEET to function. This authority makes the fun possible. The watchword for both rank and authority is SERVICE.

One of the ways STARFLEET recognises effort and work on behalf of the organisation is through the granting of fictional ranks. Promotion involves participation within, and contribution to, STARFLEET. What you put into your membership is what you will get out.

If you participate within STARFLEET, at any level and in any capacity, you will be promoted in due course.

Essentially there are three structures, Enlisted, Officer and Fleet.


Enlisted Ranks

Crewman Recruit  (E-1) through to Master Chief Petty Officer  (E-9)

Upon joining SFI and Stargazer, you will be accorded the enlisted rank of Crewman Recruit.

On the anniversary of your joining date each year, you will automatically progress one rank until you reach the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer. This will allow those members who are shy, or who have less free time, to progress in rank through their continued support by being a member of the chapter over a number of years.

You will also receive promotion in recognition of work done for the good of the chapter or participation in the chapter at the discretion of the Commanding Officer.

However, if the new CRR wishes to be more active and completes the Bio-form, joins the Facebook groups and takes on a ‘Junior Officer’ role aka Technician, Chef, etc, – after serving successfully for three months – they may apply for rank promotion to Petty Officer 3rd Class.

Alternatively, if the new CRR does all of the above but takes on the role of a Senior role ie lets say Chief of Engineering, and successfully completes their initial three months trial, they can now apply for the rank of Chief Petty Officer.

Then after that, the Enlisted rank promotion will be one grade for each year they renew.


A new crew member can choose to FAST TRACK their promotions.

On completion of all the basic criteria (completing the crew bio, subscribing to the FB groups) AND completing the OTS – they are promoted to the rank of Ensign, regardless of what rank they held in the Enlisted structure.


Officer Ranks

Fast Track

Not everyone elects to serve on board as an Officer, however there is an opportunity for you to fast track your STARFLEET career.

By successfully completing the STARFLEET Officer Training School course you will be promoted to Ensign (ENS)



Officer Ensign (01) through to Commander (05)

As your chapter Commanding Officer, I have the authority to promote up to the grade of Ensign (ENS 01) to Commander (CMDR 05).

In addition I am responsible for creating and administering the Chapter’s Promotion Policy for all grades through O-5.


Flag Officer Promotion – Grade 06 and above

Granted by an order of the Executive Committee.

Iin accordance with STARFLEET Admiralty Board Order AB97-03, Regional Coordinators can promote someone to the grade of O-6 using the guidelines set forth in said document.