Duties and Responsibilities – Senior Officers

As the Chapter grows in numbers, it becomes more and more unmanageable for just one or two people to carry out the running of the Chapter despite their best efforts.  In order to help with the running of the Chapter and to ensure that everyone, especially our new crew members can settle in as quickly as possible,  we have tried a variety of methods  in the past with little success.

The concept of developing on our existing base of seniors came about after watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan where Scotty can be seen in the thick of things, helping his new Engineering recruits.

In truth, the basic structure of the Chapter hasn’t changed.  The ‘Chain of Command’ remains intact.


Commanding Officer or Captain

In Command – with overall responsibilities for the Chapter, its direction, the members and for filing ALL the necessary paperwork with SFI every month is the Captain.

The Captain of a Starship is ALWAYS addressed as ‘Captain’ regardless of his rank.

First Officer

The Second in Command – known in our Chapter is the First Officer. Reports directly to the Captain and is responsible for implementing the plans of the Captain.

You will find that within different Chapters this dual leadership combination will vary – but as long as there is one clear leader and one strong administrator, then the Chapter will flourish.

Both the CO and FO will have to have passed the OTS and OCC and be over the age of 18 in order for the Chapter to operate.

The First Officer is also responsible for contacting each of the Departmental Heads each month to obtain a status or activity report.  These individual reports are then discussed with the Captain, paying attention to any recommendations for promotions, awards, issues and possible solutions.

Both the First and Second Officer may elect to serve in one or more of the Chapter Departments.

The current First Officer, in addition to ensuring the chapter administration goes smoothly and implementing various projects has elected to serve in the Science Department, as a Science Officer.

A Science Officer – reports into the Head of Science.


Second Officer

As the Chapter grows, and by association, the work load, there is the option to appoint a Third in Command. The Second Officer will have to have passed the OTS and OCC and be over the age of 18.

The 2O helps to shoulder some of the necessary admin work that the CO and FO have to undertake.

The 2O Officer reports directly to the First Officer.

By its very nature this is an active role in the Chapter.  The Second Officer should have good organisational skills and be prepared to take on research projects.



Reporting directly to the First Officer  are the Chief of or Head of Departments.


On Board we have the following  Departments that are led by our Senior Officer known as either Chief of or Head of …:

Our Current serving Officers are:

Chief Medical Officer – ENS Kathy Ball

Head of Security – Lt JG Simon Spencer

Head of Engineering – Vacant

Head of Science Lt Patricia Stoneham

Head of Special Services – Captain Amanda “Panda” Barrow

Traditionally, apart from Security, these were merely namesake roles and invariably when it came to the Monthly reports, there was of course ‘Nothing to Report’.

By offering every crew member the opportunity to join a department – it will hopefully give the Senior Officers a focus to their role and will ensure that everyone experiences a one-on-one chat at least once a month.