Ensign Dara Jaad-FitzGerald



Personnel Pass Photograph

ENS Dara Jaad-FitzGerald

Full Name: Dara Jaad-FitzGerald

Nearest Terran Translation: Julien FitzGerald

STARFLEET Rank: Ensign

Species: Bajoran/Human Hybrid






Personnel File:

Born on Bajor to a Bajoran Mother, Kai Liba Jaad (A Kai at the Central Temple of the Prophets), and Human Father, Derek FitzGerald Snr (Rear Admiral of the Fleet and Ambassador to Bajor).

Background in law as well as medical, serving as a Field Medic during the Wars of Occupations with the Cardasians on Bajor.

Worked as a JAG Officer on Bajor during the occupation and subsequent aboard Deep Space Nine as a Legal Advisor.

Prefers medical to legal, as most of the alien legal systems make his brain ache, so tries to avoid them at all costs. Is much happier being hands on in the Medical Bay or assisting the Medical Team with routine procedures and triage situation.

Key expertise in major incidents.


Service History:

Appointed EMH – USS Stargazer NCC 7991 02/02/2017