The History of the USS Stargazer

Stardate 32217.3


The Earth Year 2355

The Constellation-class USS Stargazer NCC-2893 under the command of Jean-Luc Picard is lost at the Battle of Maxia.


This loss prompts Starfleet Command to review their current Starship builds in progress. The Excelsior-class USS Ark Royal was like many of its sister ships undergoing upgrade to Excelsior Type-II as part of the Fleet Modernisation Program. The decision was made to re-name this ship USS Stargazer. Sending out a bold message that Starfleet is unperturbed and also as a tribute to the brave crew and casualties of the first Stargazer. Several of the survivors of the Battle of Maxia were reassigned to the new ship, this had a positive effect on morale fleet wide.

Earth Year 2356

The new Stargazer was launched, at a modest ceremony from the San Francisco Fleet Yards. For a shakedown cruise that took the ship along the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone. The cruise was uneventful and the ships performance was noted as highly satisfactory. The Stargazer spent the next few years in support of various colonisation efforts and also as a diplomatic courier.


Earth Years 2360-2370

During these years the United Federation of Planets continued with deep space exploration missions. The USS Stargazer conducted two successful five year missions in this decade, with only three minor refits. Testimony to the robust nature of the long-lived Excelsior-class.

Also during this time, in 2364, the wreck of the first USS Stargazer NCC-2893 was found adrift and salvaged by the Ferengi. After the original Stargazer was towed back to Xendi Starbase 9, it was repaired, and returned to limited duty for eight years (from 2366 to 2374), mostly training cruises and weapons testing exercises. After which it was mothballed as a museum ship at the at the Copernicus Yard Museum, Luna. Earth Year 2371 Two unfortunate events rocked Starfleet in this year…

Naturally, the USS Stargazer NCC-7991 was ready to assist. The most shocking event of the year was the loss of Starfleet’s Flagship, the USS Enterprise, at Veridian III following a fierce battle with a rogue Klingon Bird-of-Prey. The Stargazer was dispatched to Veridian III to assist in rescue of the Enterprise crew, and also the salvage and retrieval of of important technologies and materials from the wreck of the Enterprise. Later that same year the USS Voyager disappeared while investigating Maquis activity in the Badlands near the Cardassian border. The Stargazer was among the ships involved in the search for Voyager, sadly this search was later abandoned.

Earth Years 2373 – 2375  The Dominion War

The darkest of days, and a trial by fire that the crew of the Stargazer would never forget. Despite this, The Stargazer earned the nickname ‘Lucky Lady’ being one of the few ships to participate in most of the major engagements of the war, Including Operation Return.


The Crew Lounge on deck 15 features a prominent memorial plaque listing the names of the crew members lost during this long and bloody conflict. Post War Years

Post War Years

The Stargazer returned to doing what she did best, exploring strange new worlds and new civilisations, boldly going, in the grand tradition of Starfleet. Responsible for many first contacts, missions of mercy, patrolling and protection of outlying colonies, and the continued diplomatic and welfare efforts for which Starfleet has become known throughout the four quadrants. The ship showed no signs of stopping, it’s seasoned crew steadfast and ever ready.