STARFLEET International


To become a member of Stargazer, you need to be a member of STARFLEET (available through STARFLEET), but this membership has lots of added benefits:


  • be invited to participate in the group chat meetings,
  • become an enlisted crewman or officer in the Chapter
  • be able to take on chapter roles.

WITHIN REGION 20 you will:

  • be able to participate at Regional level
  • be able to participate in the sub divisions of SFI such as MACO, SFMC, Medical etc

In addition to this, STARFLEET  gives you a host of other benefits including:

  • Membership pack
  • Starfleet Communiqué magazine (published quarterly)
  • STARFLEET scholarships
  • Automatic access to  free membership of
  • STARFLEET Academy
  • STARFLEET Department of Technical Services.

For full membership details, please follow this link to  STARFLEET.