Stargazer Crew Meets …..

As a correspondence Chapter we do not often have an opportunity to meet up with other members of our crew, however it would seem we are all cut from the same cloth and have a passion for meeting our favourite sfi hero’s, collecting autographs and drinking a lot of coffee.

Walking for miles and miles, and queuing for hours on end, whilst we are not quite so passionate about that – it is the endurance that sets us apart….


Away Mission:  Palikauk Na’shava  (Vulcan expression literally meaning “First Greeting”)


USS Stargazer Crew Members who attended Destination Star Trek – Europe celebrating 50 years of STAR TREK were awarded the Palikauk Na’shava Away Mission Certificate:


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Our crew are delighted to share their photographs of the event.  Please click here.

Region 20 Coordinator,COMM Daniel Adams

Commanding Officer,  Captain Michael Hartley

Chief Medical Officer,  Lt jg Kathy Ball SFMD

Chief of Security,  Lt jg Simon Spencer

Special Intelligence Member, ENS L. Sheppard

Ships Counselor, CRR T Milner

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