The ‘Gazer

Our History

USS Britannia, NCC-5311

Originally both the USS Britannia and the ISS Saratoga were separate chapters within Region 20. Saratoga was on her ‘shakedown cruise’, while the Britannia was serving as Saratoga’s mothership. Everything was going well for the first few months of the year. However as 2005 drew to a close it was clear that Britannia wasn’t going to survive into 2006. The crew had dropped below the minimum number of ten and there was a possibility that if the Britannia failed, it would take the Saratoga down with her. Therefore it was decided by a vote of both Saratoga and Britannia crews to merge the chapters into a single unit under a single banner. The banner chosen was Saratoga. Thus, on 11th November 2005 the USS Britannia, after only 2 years of service was decommissioned and the ISS Saratoga was commissioned.

ISS Saratoga, NX-20

The Saratoga continued to serve in STARFLEET until November 2009, when after a long period of upheaval within SFI, it was decided to leave and go it alone. Following the decommissioning of the Saratoga from STARFLEET International, it was decided by the former founders to continue the ‘chapter’ as a simple social club, where the founding members and all those still interested in meeting, would gather and discuss anything and everything (normally science fiction). Over the years the amount of meetings dwindled, however now and again the Stevenage based members met, a tradition that continued until August 2009 when the Saratoga was forced to finally it shut its doors.

ISS Rassilon, NX-11

However with the closing of one door, came the opening of another: the birth of the Rassilon. This reincarnation of the chapter remained as an independently run club until when it was agreed that the former team should make a return to STARFLEET International. Thus on 2nd June 2010, under the command of SMAJ Marie Smith, the ISS Rassion returned to STARFLEET. With Colonel Adrian Jones as her XO and guided by the USS Peacekeeper as her mothership, the re-launch of the chapter coincided with a resurgence in the UK fan-scene borne from the release of Star Trek: Onlineand, perhaps more significantly, the launch of Star Trek (2009) movie.

With its fusion of Doctor Who and the mirror universe (as seen in the legendary Enterprise episode, ‘In a Mirror Darkly’,) the Rassilon was truly a unique chapter. As well as continuing to grow as a chapter, both ‘M’ and Adi served as members of the regional staff too.

However, in January 2011, following the resignation of the Acting Regional Coordinator, ‘M’ took the post and also left our chapter to join the USS Isaac. Meanwhile, Adrian stepped down from the XO post and Fleet Captain Richard Sams, (then Chief of Staff) became commanding officer with Jason Garrett as his XO.

 USS Ark Royal NCC-7991

In March 2011, at the request of the XO, a vote was called to rename the chapter the USS Ark Royal and the motion passed. Our setting changed to reflect the new era of 2290 as seen during the opening scenes of Star Trek: Generations.

Richard juggled the post admirably with his duties as Vice Regional Coordinator until December 2011 when Andrew Kerr took command of the Ark Royal. He held the post until April 2012, Fleet Captain Dan Adams became our commanding officer.

USS Stargazer NCC-7991

Past, Present and Future

In February 2014 when members of the crew commented that they felt the name ‘Ark Royal’ wasn’t particularly Trek or even Sci-Fi, so a long process of discussion began where crew members proposed possible names. Then came the elimination phase where the less popular names were wheedled out and then, finally, a vote.

The name Stargazer was chosen, winning by just a couple of votes over Rassilon interestingly enough.

In 2015 FCAPT Adams stepped down as the Commanding Officer and CAPT Michael Hartley to over the ‘Chair’.

Although the name of the Chapter was changed, our  crew setting remains the new era of 2290 as seen during the opening scenes of Star Trek: Generations. However, true to our nature, we have boldly gone into the Frontier and the brave ship and her crew have somehow been caught up in a temporal anomaly.

Our adventures continue ….