TOS Dress Uniform Modifications

The Original Series (aka TOS) Dress Uniform had four variations: Command, First Officer Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer.

Kirk, McCoy and Spock
Kirk with ribbons and medal















The Uniform that we are going to modify is that of the Captain.  The colour of the shirt is a surprising ‘lime green’ in real life and the rank of Captain is denoted by the wide gold braid around the neck and the shirt front.  Along the arm seems is a thin line of gold braid that is missing from the First Officer and CMO shirts.




jacket-1The dress shirt was purchased from Cosplay Sky, and if you are a full member of STARFLEET International a discount of 15% is available.

The jacket is ‘in the style of’ rather than an accurate screen replica item.  However thcollaris can be taylored to fit as required.  I would assume that a request for a zipper instead of poppers could be happily accommodated, but this would have to be on the order form at the time of
placing the order.

As you can see the poppers have been carefully unpicked and a chunky 24″ zipper in white has been tacked into place.  If you look carefully you can still see the outline of where the poppers were on the jacket.

The collar popper has also been removed and two pieces of velcro are now stitched firmly in place using ‘invisible’ thread.

Once the zipper has been machine stitched into place we can then begin to work on the ribbon decoration arrangements.

to be continued….




Miss Arris

Mistress of the Wardrobe