Historically the crew of the USS Stargazer have no restrictions in place stating that you MUST wear any uniform.






When wearing your STARFLEET Uniform


Do the Picard Maneuver and “Tug that top down!”.

Fix your department and rank pips or badges before photos.

Check your Gig line. (view link)

Iron your uniform before an event.

Wear Deodorant!!

Try to stay in the Character you’re portraying.

Remove glasses before photos if possible (unless you’re allergic to Retinax 5).

Have a neat trim or shave before Conventions and Events (mandatory!)

Facial hair is permissible as long as it is neatly trimmed.

Long hair on men should be kept neat (Worf had a neat and tidy ponytail)



Wave your Phaser at people or the cameras, please keep Phasers holstered at all times unless asked by the photographer.

Put your arms over people’s shoulders, it gives your uniform an untidy appearance. Instead, you might like to consider putting your arms behind your back, or at your sides.

Use different era props, please use the correct era props that go with your style of uniform. There’s always someone ready to nitpick photos.

Wear too much visible jewelry, wedding rings & Bajoran earrings are acceptable though. If you’re dressed as Lwaxana Troi, then it’s in character and it’s okay.

Leave home before putting on Deodorant first!!


We know it’s only a costume, but while you’re wearing it, you should treat it as a UNIFORM at all times.