USS Stargazer Chapter Award

Attention On Deck!!

By command of the Regional Coordinator, Region 20, I am delighted to make the following presentations:

To the Commanding Officers and Crews of the following Region 20 vessels:

USS Alba – NCC 75024 (CO – CAPT Eilidh Douglas Montgomery)
USS Cuchulain – NCC 61922 (CO – FCAPT Alan Oshea)
USS Iceni – NCC 74660 (CO – FCAPT Matthew Bergin)
USS Stargazer – NCC 7991 (CO – CAPT Michael Hartley)

Chapter Reporting Certificate 2016


In recognition of 100% on-time submission of the Chapter’s Monthly Status Report (MSR) for the period 1st July 2015 – 30th June 2016, you are awarded The Region 20 Service Medal (Gold)

Many Congratulations





COMM Richard Sams
Chief of Regional Ops



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