USS Stargazer ‘Walk Challenge’

walk challenge


Attention All Hands!

Announcing the  ‘USS Stargazer Walk Challenge’.

Exercise is good for you – and ‘walking’ is not only simple, uses no complicated or expensive equipment, and perhaps just as important – is free – you don’t have to a pay anything to ‘walk’.  It is one of the easiest ways to be more active.

Regular walking is known to help as an effective tool in the fight against chronic illnesses including Type 2 diabetes.

Walking is good – but walking in a group is much more fun.

Bearing all that in, today I am delighted to announce the USS Stargazer Walk Challenge’.  It is open to all ages and levels of abilities.  I would encourage each and everyone of you to pick up a pedometer, Fitbit, phone app, or anything you may have and count those steps!

How do I take part?

It’s easy!  Simply count your daily steps beginning on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday. Then send me your weekly  ‘walk’ total to CMO @ uss-stargazer dot org dot uk

There will be prizes for distance, effort and commitment.

Hopefully, other Chapters may just decide to take us on – SO LET’S GET MOVING!


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ENS Kathy Ball SFMD
Chief Medical Officer, USS Stargazer NCC 7991
STARFLEET Medical Corps
STARFLEET International,




For more information and tips about the benefits of walking:

The NHS Guide to Walking