First Officer – Personal Log Stardate: 210611.06

Vulcans, or so it is commonly thought, have but one failing.  Curiosity.  In truth, I do not consider this “trait” to be a failing rather it is the only reason for existence.

My off duty time is divided between meditation and reading.  According to the Captain, I “would read the print on a bottle label”.  He tells me this is a ‘joke’.   The Human predilection to the ‘joke’ still leaves me somewhat bemused.  Why would I not read the label on bottles?  They provide important nutritional information.  Although in most cases, having read all the small print off bottle labels – ‘nutritional’ is not a descriptor that could be applied in any sense of value of the word to the contents of the bottle.

Interestingly, I have come across an excellent paper in the ships computer archives, which may lead to a greater understanding of the Captains mindset.


 “Xenological Sciences”

 “The truth, however, is that with the countless number of stars in the universe, and the likely percentage of those with habitable planets, and the percentage of those with sentient life that has evolved to the point that we can relate to them in some way, we have enough “raw data” and enough differences to explore that we can, in fact, create an entire science of the study of sentient alien species.”

I find it curious that Humans consider us ‘alien’.

The paper, “Xenoarchaeology – Making Sense of the Science of Sentient Species” raises some intriguing points and indeed the studies of the xenoarchaeologist / xenoanthropologist lies in making connections and asks such questions as:

1. What is the relationship between these reptilian species – Voth, Gwyr, Hirogen, Jem’Hadar, Tosk, Gorn, Kasheeta, Lethean, Kolaran, Saurian, Selay, Vaadwuar, Celan?

2.Who are the Galenans [(c)2004 by Allyson Dyar] and how is the position of the Galenan Regent determined?

3.What similarity exists between the Shar’NN [(c) 2000 by David Klingman] and the Idjalich [(c) 2000 by David Klingman]?

4.What is the glabella, and how does it relate to physiology of species like the Klingons versus Bajorans?

5.Is there a biological reason/similarity between Ferengi and Dopterians that makes them “immune” the telepathic and empathic skills of Vulcans and Betazoids?

On reflection then, it appears that ‘curiosity’ is not a trait that can be applied to just Vulcans.




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