Promotion Criteria

USS Stargazer
Promotion Policy

When a new member joins the crew of the Stargazer, they will be made aware of the overall chapter structure and the departments we have, along with the attached SFMC and MACO units. For this reason members will be asked whether they wish to use the ‘Fleet’ or ‘Marine/MACO’ rank structure. This is a guide to the ranks utilised within both paths. Please be aware that all crew have the option to follow any pathway.

Please remember that these ranks are fictitious and serve to reward people for their involvement and contribution to the chapter and SFI as a club. They are not to be used to command or order any other member more ‘junior.’



Enlisted Ranks (grades E1-E9)

FLEET                                           MARINE/MACO
Crewman 3rd Class                    Private
Crewman 2nd Class                   Private First Class
Crewman 1st Class                     Lance Corporal
Petty Officer 3rd Class              Corporal
Petty Officer 2nd Class             Sergeant
Petty Officer 1st Class               Staff Sergeant
Chief Petty Officer                     Gunnery Sergeant
Senior Chief Petty Officer        Master Sergeant
Master Chief Petty Officer       Master Gunnery Sergeant

Warrant Officer Ranks (W1-W5)

Warrant Officer 1
Chief Warrant Officer 2
Chief Warrant Officer 3
Chief Warrant Officer 4
Chief Warrant Officer 5

Officer Ranks (O1-O5)

FLEET                                       MARINE/MACO
Ensign                                       2nd Lieutenant
Lieutenant Junior Grade       1st Lieutenant
Lieutenant Senior Grade       Marine/MACO Captain
Lieutenant Commander        Major
Commander                             Lieutenant Colonel

***The Grade of O6 Captain/Colonel is awarded only by the Regional Coordinator, and is not dealt with at chapter level

Once a member has decided which rank structure they wish to use during their time with the chapter, they will then decide whether they wish to follow the enlisted ranks, or the officer ranks.

Those that choose the enlisted pathway will begin as Crewman/Private and progress through E1-E9.

Those that choose to follow the officer pathway will begin as Midshipman and progress through O1-O6.

There are also Warrant Officer ranks that are open to our enlisted personnel. Once a member has reached E6 Petty Officer 1st Class/Staff Sergeant, they may request their next promotion to switch to the Warrant Officer track.
How do I get promoted?

Members who want a more relaxed and laid back experience will be encouraged to follow the enlisted structure, as these are promoted on time in grade alone, through to E6 Petty Officer 1st Class/Staff Sergeant.

Promotions from E1 to E6 come every 4 months and require nothing more than being a fully paid-up member of SFI assigned to the USS Stargazer.

The grades of E7 Chief Petty Officer/ Gunnery Sergeant, E8 Senior Chief Petty Officer/Master Sergeant, and E9 Master Chief Petty Officer/Master Gunnery Sergeant require 12 months and are given at the discretion of the Commanding Officer for exceptional service, involvement and contribution to the chapter.


Warrant Officer ranks 1-3 are promoted on time in grade every 6 months on the same criteria as enlisted personnel, with the addition of the Officer Training Course from the academy. Warrant ranks 4/5 require 12 months.


Members that choose to follow the officer pathway, are encouraged to be more active within the club, as department heads, or actively contributing to chapter activities in some way.

If a member wishes to become an officer within the chapter, they will begin with the courtesy rank of Midshipman. (For both Fleet, Marine and MACO)
Once the Officer Training School is completed they will be promoted to the grade of O1 Ensign/2nd Lieutenant.

Officer grades are then reviewed for promotion every 6 months, (or sooner if deemed appropriate by the CO/XO), up to and including O3 Lieutenant/Marine Captain/MACO Captain.

For O4 Lieutenant Commander/Major members require 9 months time in grade and it is recommended to have completed a Bridge Officer Certification from the Academy. O5 Commander is given at the discretion of the CO/XO for outstanding service to chapter, after 12 months TIG and completion of a Bridge Officer Certification.
Officer promotions are not automatic, and do require evidence of active involvement and contribution to the chapter in some way.

Automatic Promotions

There are some circumstances which merit automatic promotion within the club.

Completion of the Officer Training School from the Academy will entitle Officer candidates to progress to O1, warrant officer candidates to progress to W1, and Enlisted personnel to progress to E5.

Completion of Officer Command College from the Academy will entitle Officers to promote one grade up to O3, Warrant Officers one grade up to W3, enlisted personnel will be progressed to E7.

Completion of Flag Officer School will entitle Officers to progress one grade up to O4, Warrant Officers W4, and enlisted personnel E8.
There are also circumstances where a member volunteers to take a department head role on the ship. Department heads such as Chief of Security, Chief Medical Officer etc are expected to guide new members and encourage participation in both chapter and Regional activities, as well as involvement in the academy programme. (Its a bonus of your SFI membership!)

Department heads/senior staff positions will be appointed to the minimum grades of O3/W1/E7 on the basis that they have achieved a pass in the Officer Training School.
Note: Fleet, SFMC and MACO ranks are equivalent and interchangeable. If a member is Active SFMC/MACO, then their database rank will reflect this. If they are Reserve SFMC/MACO, then the database rank will be Fleet, and the member will be referred to, and utilise, their marine and MACO ranks when engaged in SFMC/MACO specific activities.

Captain Joshua Dadd CO
Commander Michael Oliver XO



It is important to stress that these are guidelines, not rules. All promotions are at the discretion of the Commanding Officer and may be flexible depending on circumstance.