STARFLEET International

Anyone can join us on our Trekspace, in our Facebook group or in the general areas of our Forum, but crew chats, the crew mailing list and the Members’ Area of the Stargazer Forum are for Stargazer members only.

To become a member of Stargazer, you need to be a member of STARFLEET (available through STARFLEET), but this membership has lots of added benefits:


  • be invited to participate in the group chat meetings,
  • become an officer in the Chapter
  • be able to take on officer roles.

WITHIN SECTION 20 you will:

  • be able to participate at Regional level
  • be able to take on Officer roles within the Region.

In addition to this, STARFLEET  gives you a host of other benefits including:

  • Membership pack
  • Starfleet Communiqué magazine (published quarterly)
  • STARFLEET scholarships
  • Automatic access to  free membership of
  • STARFLEET Academy
  • STARFLEET Department of Technical Services.

For full membership details, please follow this link to  STARFLEET.